List of Services

Being proud of our community involves being totally invested in the health of its members. We want to help you REDUCE your medication needs. You can add life to your years, not just years to your life...

Natural Health Products

Medications are great at keeping us alive and improving our health, but there are many natural and nutritional supplements that can help you feel better too. Talk with our pharmacists today to find out what we can offer to help you improve your quality of life!

Essential Oils & Natural Bath Products

It is truly amazing what nature can provide! We have spent considerable research and are confident in providing essential oils and products that are of the highest quality at reasonable prices!

Concordia & Panther Gear

Come see the newest apparel and local pride gear in the front end of our store. We were born and raised in Concordia and are proud of our community.

Custom Printed Apparel

Do you need a t-shirt printed? How about 500 of them? We can print any amount of color and any number of shirts for the same price per shirt.

Some printers will only allow you to use 1 color for their low price shirt. We allow any number of colors as our printing process is not dependent on screen changes or buying different inks.

We will help convert whatever artwork you want to work on a t-shirt.