Winter is your skin suffering?

Winter is coming and my skin is definitely drier. My lips are chapped, my hands have cracking, and my arms are really dry. If you suffer from this seasonal dry skin then there are 2 easy things that you can do to fix this.

First, you need to drink more water. My kids get tired of me saying this but you need to drink more water. With the dry, cold air moving in you need to replenish the water that you are losing to evaporation through your skin.

Second, you need to supplement your body with omega-3 fatty acids. These good fats help you skin create good skin oils that will slow down the water evaporating through your skin. I prefer to take a flax seed oil supplement over fish oil just because I don't like the aftertaste of fish oil. But any omega-3 supplement is going to help you dry winter skin.

So before the winter hits us hard, start a daily routine of drinking more water and taking an omega-3 supplement twice per day. It will do wonders for your skin!