Medicare Part D open enrollment

It's that time of year again. Medicare Part D open enrollment...yay (dripping with sarcasm, fyi).

Every year you should do a plan check to make sure that your plan is the most cost effective way of getting your Medicare Part D drugs. The first person I did a check for this year is going to save a bunch of money by changing plans. Don't believe me...look for yourself. (I have blacked out the plan to save them face. I'm not providing any free advertising to a PBM!)

The new plan that she will be signing up for will save her $6,000 at retail and is $200 cheaper than mail order! Her current plan is pushing out independent pharmacies from their network so they can make you go to a big box pharmacy. (Again I cut out the name of the plan...I'm not giving them free ad space!)

I encourage everyone out there that is on a Medicare Part D plan to get it checked out. If you want, I can help you by running a report that shows you the 3 cheapest plans for you and the drugs that you take. I even help my patients sign up for their plan (if they would like me to help).

Open enrollment begins October 15th but we can start checking out the plans anytime. Give me a call or shoot me and email if you would like some help this year with plan selection. Our phone is 785-614-3492 and my email is


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