Herbal help with Diabetes

Unfortunately, type II diabetes is on the rise in America. Our poor diet, low level of physical activity, and seeming lack of desire to change our ways only makes this problem worse.

Yeah, it is easy to say "You need to eat less and work out more." Sadly, it is really hard to do in practice. I have 8 years of college in the biosciences and I find it really hard to do. I have all the information, know exactly what I should be doing, but still cannot do it all the time. So I totally understand that the average American who didn't devote their professional life to health would struggle with this.

Fortunately, there are many herbal products that can assist the patient with Type II diabetes in controlling their sugar cravings and modulate their blood sugar spikes. That is the purpose of this post. I am not advocating that you replace your prescribed meds for any herbal remedy. These products can help assist the average diabetic or pre-diabetic patient with controlling their blood glucose.


Probably the most common herb used in diabetes. It acts on the tongue to decrease its ability to taste sweetness. When taken in a capsule, it can stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. It can help in Type I diabetes as well only if the pancreas still can secrete some insulin. There have been reports of patients being able to stop taking oral hypoglycemic when using this herb. But again, this should only be attempted with your doctor's oversight.


Fenugreek seeks have been shown to lower blood glucose, insulin levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides. It has a higher level of fiber in it which can decrease the absorption of glucose from the gut. Many nutritional experts feel that all diabetics should have fenugreek seeds as a regular part of their diet.

Bitter Melon

This fruit is cultivated in many tropical countries. It is widely used in those areas as a folk remedy for diabetes. In India, they have shown that the extract has many phytochemicals that act similar to the sulfonyurea drugs but without the strong side effects. This herb is best used in combination with other herbs. When you take too much of it, side effects can develop.

Herbs tend to be best utilized when taken with other herbs that can act synergistically. This means that they work better together than they would on their own. This allows you to take less of the herb and avoid the side effects that can occur at higher doses. After talking with diabetics patients, I usually recommend 3 products depending on their current med list and side effect profile. Those products are listed below.

Taste Erase Spray - This is a Gymnema spray that works locally on the tongue to decrease its ability to

take sweet. It will decrease the cravings for sugars, helping you decrease the high calorie carbs from your diet.

Sugar Free (by Professional Formulas) - This product can help stabilize blood sugar levels and decrease the body's cravings for sugary foods. It has all 3 herbs listed above and 4 vitamins and minerals associated with better sugar metabolism.

GlucoEase - This product has Fenugreek and Gymnema along with Goat's Rue and American Ginseng. It is used to stabilize blood sugar levels but doesn't do as much to help control cravings. Goat's Rue works in a way similar to metformin while Ginseng helps the body utilize the insulin that it does make more efficiently.

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