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Athletes and those of us old folks who try to work out occasionally need to take care of their bodies slightly differently. Training athletes have much higher nutritional demands than those non-training people. In order to achieve the best outcomes in terms of training intensity, recovery and performance a targeted nutrition program must be followed. Many elite athletes have been subscribing to this concept for years, but these nutrition requirements are essential for every type of athlete in every age group and at every level. In the end, if you are physically active on a regular basis then you are an athlete and need to understand the nutritional demands of your system.

Getting plenty of protein is a challenge for the athlete. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is heavy in carbohydrates but lacking in essential amino acids and low in good fats. Couple the sad SAD (I love saying that) with the higher need for protein and you are setting yourself up for failure. Training your body requires not only the physical training but also providing the macro and micro nutrients to build up the body. After all, that is why we train right?


1. To get plenty of protein, I recommend that athletes take a protein supplement. There are tons of kinds out there but I like to use klean athlete brand whey protein isolate. I prefer the chocolate and vanilla flavors. This stuff tastes good and also provides the protein needed to rebuild those muscles into stronger and leaner ones. (Shameless can buy this on our website right now and we'll send it to your door!)

2. To get the micronutrients, the athlete must take a high quality multivitamin, omega-3 supplement, and probiotic as well. This will round out the nutritional intake of the athlete and ensure that they have the tools that they need to succeed. (Imagine can buy these on our website too!)

3. Eat a diet that resembles the paleo diet. Lots of proteins and good fats with a sharp decrease in carb intake. This may not be for everyone out there. If you are a young person and training really hard then higher carb intake may be required. But for old fogeys like me that train 3-4 days per week, I can afford to really cut down on the carbs. :)

Helping you create and implement a program to consistently deliver the necessary nutrition to your body is part of our expertise and passion. You can trust us to create a plan for athletic performance and nutrition. If you want to learn more give us a call or shoot me a message and we'll talk!

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