Beating depressed mood with more than drugs

If you are one of the millions of Americans diagnosed with depression or one of the millions more who report a "depressed mood" on many days per week then this post is definitely for you. Depressed mood issues can result from a number of different situations. No mood disturbance is the same. So how can one drug or one class of drugs really be expected to help the millions of different cases of depression out there? The unfortunate fact is that drugs are usually not enough to fix depressed mood.

Depression is a multifaceted issue. It really takes a whole person approach to truly tackle the problem. This is why starting a depression drug is just the beginning. There are no magic pills that fix any medical condition. Giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself is vital.

When you think of people who are not depressed, no one says that they have a good mood level because they get plenty of fluoxetine or sertraline. Anti-depression drugs fool your body into keeping more serotonin around in the brain to artificially elevate the mood. As with any artificial chemical going into your body, eventually your body will react to counter it. This is why so many people report decreasing effectiveness of their anti-depressant over time.

Your body is designed to have a brain that can feel both joy and depressed mood in moderation. Another issue with people taking anti-depressants is that they report feeling less amount of joy than before. Anti-depressant drugs level out your mood...but this also levels out the highs that you can feel. So a normal mood chart might look like the red line but someone on mood stabilizers might look like the flattened blue or black line.

No doctor, psychologist, or pharmacist can fix your depression for you. They are a vital part to your recovery, but in the end only one person can fix your mood! So let's look at some things that you can do to fix your depressed mood.

1. Fix your gut.

Ok this just sounds silly. You have a problem with your mood which is controlled by the brain. Why would you need to fix the gut? Surprisingly the gut has a huge affect on the brain. Many Americans suffer from "leaky gut syndrome". Thanks to all the preservatives and antibiotics that we eat, we are destroying our good gut bacteria on a constant basis. So our gut starts to lack the protective bacteria layer that it uses to prevent toxins and bad bacteria from getting into our blood stream.