How one person got rid of Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain, back pain, muscle aches, and joint pain affect so many individuals. Drugs that are commonly used over the counter can play havoc with your stomach. So people that are affected by these problems tend to either suffer through it or use a topical pain relief gel. Most pain relief gels out there are made with Capsaicin (comes from hot peppers) or Menthol. These products tend to smell bad and can stain clothing.

There is one product that I was turned on to last year that doesn't have those annoying issues that other topical products have. It is called Penetran Plus. The active ingredient is Strong Ammonia Solution (1.5%). It is non-greasy, has a lemon scent, and will not stain clothes.

I learned of a guy named Rob who had a progressive form of arthritis. He loved to golf and play tennis but was not doing it as often as he would like due to the discomfort. He started putting on some weight and his overall quality of life started going down. His pride (or vanity he said) made him not use the products that made him "smell like an old man." With stomach ulcers in his past, he would avoid using ibuprofen and naproxen. As such, he would just suffer through his pain.

When he started using Penetran Plus, his pain would be decreased so much that he could make it through a whole round of golf without discomfort. He said, "I can even run a little during my round to catch the beer cart!" He reported the ability to bend his knees all the way down so he could squat and read the greens.

With that information, I had to start stocking the product. I have only had good reports from people that have used it. If you would like to buy a tube or bottle of the gel, feel free to stop by the pharmacy or call us at 785-614-3492 and we can deliver or mail you out a box!

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