Thanks for the outpouring of support

Panther Pride Pharmacy just opened its doors on Thursday afternoon. We did a soft opening, hoping to ease into the day to day of running a pharmacy with a big front end. The support that we have received from friends and family has been amazing. Thanks to everyone who has sent us a text or Facebook message expressing support and wishing us luck. We really do appreciate it.

Our business is more than just a pharmacy, more than a clothing store, and more than a spirit shop. It is our attempt to contribute our talents and services to the Concordia and Cloud County communities. As both of us were raised in Concordia, we have a love for our community that spans decades. Concordia has seen times of prosperity and times of decline in our lifetime. To guarantee future prosperity, those of us who call this town home will need to step up and contribute.

Thanks again for all the support in our endeavors. We promise to provide the best pharmacy and front end services that we can possibly provide. We look forward to serving you for many years to come!

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