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For only $16.25 a month, you will get a 15mL unique, custom 100% Pure Essential Oil "Blend of the Month" sent direct to your door. The blend of the month is not available in store and will only be available to our program subscribers!


Oil of the Month

Scatter Kindness

Do you remember picking dandelions as a child? We'd pick the yellow blooms and give them to our mothers with such pride and love! Then as they turned to seed, we'd blow the seeds away to scatter into the wind, all while dads everywhere cringed with thoughts of their beautiful lawns invaded by the yellow weeds! 

Would it surprise you to know that dandelions don't deserve the bad wrap they get as weeds? Dandelions carry with them a meaning of happiness and youthful joy as well as getting your wish fulfilled in the language of flowers. They also have some pretty amazing health benefits! 

While this month's Essential Oil Blend does NOT contain dandelion, they are a beautiful reminder of how, just like the dandelion seeds scatter in the wind, we too can scatter kindness wherever we go in all that we do. Heaven knows our current cultural climate could use kindness now more than ever! 


This blend contains the sweetness of citrus with the warm vanilla tones of Benzoin, and a slight floral note. As you enjoy this month's blend, remember to Scatter Kindness!

Contains a blend of 100% pure Orange, Tangerine, Benzoin, & Ylang-Ylang Essential Oils. We never dilute with carrier oils. You'll want to shake this one up before use as it contains Benzoin Resin which likes to separate as it sits over time.

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