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Oil of the Month Program

For only $16.25 a month, you will get a 15mL unique, custom 100% Pure Essential Oil "Blend of the Month" sent direct to your door. The blend of the month is not available in store and will only be available to our program subscribers!


Oil of the Month

Grateful Heart

November always brings with it a season of Thankfulness. "Grateful Heart" was created with this in mind. When you have a grateful heart, it's just easier to get through all things, good or bad, big or small. With a grateful heart you can be thankful in everything. Life is beautiful, but it gets hard, it gets busy, there are commitments, struggles, and worries. When we pause and make the choice to look at all things with thanksgiving, we can make it through anything that comes our way. What are you thankful for?

Contains: Atlas Cedar, Bergamot, & Tangerine 100% Pure Essential Oils.

No carrier oils added.

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