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Our Oil of the Month Club subscription is a fun way to try out new Essential Oil Blends each month. Each unique blend comes in a 15mL bottle and is delivered directly to your door. The Oil of the Month is not offered in store and can only be purchased through the subscription. For $16.25 you'll receive a new blend each month!

August Oil of the Month: When Life Gets Blurry, Adjust Your Focus

August can be one of the most stressful months for many people. Adjusting to school schedules, even if you don't have a student, adding extra curricular activities, balancing home, work, school, church, volunteer work, hobbies, etc...it can be difficult. We have a tendency to try to fill our schedules, keep ourselves busy, and oftentimes find ourselves taking on more than we had expected. Why is that? Experts have even coined a new term for this...FOMO...Fear Of Missing Out. We see others doing something we aren't and think, oh I need to do that too! Then we add another, and another, and another, until we have so much on our plates that we're not really sure how it all happened so fast and life gets blurry.

The August Oil of the Month is designed to help your focus containing a blend of Lavender, Orange, Clary Sage, and Vetiver. These oils promote a sense of balance, calm, and focus. This August, while we attempt to juggle all that we've taken on, let's all try adjusting our focus. I've been trying to tell myself when things get crazy...just focus on this one thing at a time. I'm trying to focus on what's in front of me in the moment, aware of what's coming up next, but being in that moment with a clearer focus. I find that I worry less about what's next when I adjust the focus to what's before me.