Oil of the Month Program

For only $16.25 a month, you will get a 15mL unique, custom 100% Pure Essential Oil "Blend of the Month" sent direct to your door. The blend of the month is not available in store and will only be available to our program subscribers!


Oil of the Month

Herb Garden

I just love herbs! They're so pretty to grow, great for cooking, and have amazing therapeutic benefits! I love finding pretty new pots to grow a new herb on my porch. (I have to keep them in pots otherwise I'll probably mistake them for weeds!) They smell so great and are fun to clip and put into whatever dish I'm making for dinner. Fresh basil in spaghetti sauce makes such a difference! Add a few mint leaves to lemonade or iced tea...so good! 

In recent years, my love of herbs has grown even more learning about the health benefits that come from them. Rosemary can help improve brain function, Sage to reduce stress, Spearmint is great for digestion, Thyme has anti-inflammatory properties, and Lavender is good for pretty much everything...the list goes on and on. Nature is truly amazing! 

I hope this month's Oil of the Month "Herb Garden" inspires you to create your own little herb garden. There are so many possibilities!

Contains a blend of 100% pure Lavender, Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Elemi, & Spearmint Essential Oils. We never dilute with carrier oils. 

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