Oil of the Month Program

For only $16.25 a month, you will get a 15mL unique, custom 100% Pure Essential Oil "Blend of the Month" sent direct to your door. The blend of the month is not available in store and will only be available to our program subscribers!


Oil of the Month

Always Have Hope

When trying to decide on what blend to create for you all this March, there was no doubt in my mind...it had to be hopeful. Hope. That's such a beautiful word. It brings with it calm, peace, and perhaps a bit of anticipation. But above all, hope is trust; letting go of worry, fear, doubt, insecurity, and trusting the future is better. 

It can be hard to find and even more difficult to hold onto. However, once we grasp it, hope is the most amazing feeling! Trusting in good things to come brings us March's Oil of the Month: "Always Have Hope." In a world of uncertainty, the ups and downs of life, if we hold onto hope, we can persevere through anything.

Contains a blend of 100% pure Tangerine, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Geranium, Sweet Marjoram, Frankincense, & Palmarosa Essential Oils. We never dilute with carrier oils. 

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