Panther Pride Pharmacy is your local wellness pharmacy. Being healthy it isn't just about living longer, it's about living stronger. Merely being alive isn't enough. God wants us to live life to it's fullest. We are here to assist in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Taking your medications correctly is only part of the solution. We believe that a healthy body, mind, and spirit are essential to whole health. 

A large part of being healthy is taking care of yourself. We believe in doing whatever you can to add to your whole health as naturally as possible. It's our job to work closely with you and your other health care providers so you can live your best life!

Our pharmacy provides a number of great services. We believe in adding natural health options to your total wellness. We promote nutraceuticals and provide counseling and customizable nutraceutical medications.  Bryan is especially interested in natural health from a scientific perspective. It is important to know what you are taking, but also why and how it works in your body. 

We also offer options for staying physically active for people of all ages.  Our health education options can help put your mind at ease. Our Christian approach to business and health let you know that your hard earned dollars are being spent at a business that shares your same values.


Born and raised Panthers, Bryan and Michelle both grew up in Concordia and have a deep pride and love for this community. We spent many years bettering ourselves and searching for the opportunity to return home to serve the town that gave so much to us growing up.  We are incredibly blessed that we've been given the opportunity to return home. We want our children to experience the values and opportunities only a small community can offer and are proud to be contributing members of this community. 

We enjoy supporting local business,  organizations, and schools. In fact, be sure to stop in on any HOME Varsity game day and we'll give 10% of your non-prescription purchase to the CHS Booster Club! We're excited about things Concordia has done and continues to do to make our community a better place for our futures.

Bryan Bombardier, PharmD

Bryan is a graduate of Creighton University's school of Pharmacy and a former Army officer. He also specializes in finding natural and holistic products to achieve greater health.  He believes health is more than taking prescriptions and enjoys helping his patients achieve better health.

Michelle Bombardier

Michelle is the front end supervisor and the brains behind the Pride part of our store.  She is also a pharmacy technician.  Michelle is always creating new Panther products  to put in our store...come find out what she's made today!